Ambassadors in concert. 13/11/2003. Um die Fotos
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Ambassadors in Concert -
Ambassadors sound music on behalf of children in Afghanistan

(german version)

S.E. Liviu Bota summons to beneficial concert on the 13thof November - taking place in the Brahms-
saal of the Wiener Musikverein
. This charitable stands under the auspices of the Austrian Minister
for foreign affairs - Dr. Benita Ferrero-Waldner

Three pieces of music are premiered which were specially composed and aranged by prelate Dr. Leo
Boccardi - representative of the Holy See at the OSCE. Among the performed pieces are a Panus
Angelicus and a Ave Maria, enriched by a Lullaby for an Afghani child.

S. E. Ambassador Dr. Christoph Cornaro (Austria) Piano, S. E. Ambassador John Macgregor (Great
Britain) Cello, Dr. Prashanti Mendis (Sri Lanka) Steeldrums, S. E. Ambassador Antonio Nunez Sauco
(Spain) Bass, S. E. Ambassador Dr. Gustav Ortner (Austria) Piano, S. E. Ambassador Dr. Heinrich
Reimann (Switzerland) Piano, Mr. Juan Luis Rivera (Mexico) Bariton, Mrs. Isabella Tabibian (Armenia)
Piano, United Nations Choir.

FISCAL YEAR 2004 (JULY 2003 - JUNE 2004)

CARE's Campaign for Afghanistan supports programs that empower Afghans to overcome poverty and
rebuild their war-ravaged communities. With your help, CARE can continue advancing girls' education,
providing emergency relief, supporting community development efforts and promoting reconciliation and
security. Combined, these measures will help restore hope to the poor in Afghanistan. Please consider
joining us in our commitment to them.